• Top Legends of ICC T20

    Top Legends of ICC T20

    These legends of cricket have strength to turned match in his favor with single hand.

1. Virat Kohli (India) :

Virat Kohli

He is a right-handed batsman. In 38 T-20 internationals Kohli has made 1386 runs with an average of 52.61, including 13 half centuries. His fans are expecting him to score his first century in this world cup cause he has hot be able to hit any in the IPL or champion's league T-20.

2. Chris Gayle (West Indies) :

Chris Gayle

The West Indies team, the 2nd top contends after the Indian team to win the world cup is relying on Chris Gayle. Chris Gayle has scored 16 centuries including 1 international T-20, in which he has scored twice more than 150. He has scored 1406 runs in 45 matches with an average of 35.15 which includes 1 century and 13 half centuries.

3. AB de Villiers ( South Africa ) :

AB de Villiers

The team south Africa, who are known as the "chaulkers /chokers" is counting on AB de Villiers to won their first world cup. The classic player in all the formats of cricket, AB de Villiers has scored half centuries in just 21 balls. In his 67 international T-205 he has scored 1258 runs with an average of 22.87 including 7 half centuries. AB de Villiers has scored 2570 runs in 104 IPL matches with an average of 36.71 which includes 2 centuries and 15 half centuries.

4. David Warner (Australia) :

David Warner

The Australia team who has won five one-day world cups in relying on David Warner for their first T-20 world cup. The Australian team has been runners up for one time. Warner who has been playing in the middle order for the Australian team has scored 1595 runs with an average of 29.53 in 57 T-20 internationals including 12 half centuries. In the overall 199 T-20's he has played he has scored 5982 runs including 5 centuries and 45 half centuries.

5. Shahid Afridi (Pakistan) :

Shahid Afridi

Afridi has played 94 T-20 internationals in his own style. He has scored 1315 runs with an average of 17.77 including 4 half centuries. In overall T-20's he has played 207 matched and scored 1889 with an average of 29.67.

6. Angelo Mathews (Sri Lanka) :

Angelo Mathews

The Defending champion Sri-Lankan team is relying on their all rounder Angelo Mathews. he has scored 862 runs with an average of 26.12 in 62 internationals T-20's which includes 3 half centuries. He has also taken 33 wickets.

7. Joe Root (England) :

Joe Root

England is counting on his 25 years young star Joe Root's performance for winning their second world cup . He has scored 345 runs with an average of 34.50 including 2 half centuries.

8. Kane Williamson (New Zealand) :

Kane Williamson

The dark horse of the T-20 world cup, the New Zealand team is counting on their captain Williamson. Williamson being one of the modern classic batsmen has scored 844 runs in 30 matches with an average of 36.69.


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